IMG 3294Often I get asked, "what is it like to be a part of a jeep club?' or "you’re a part of a jeep club, that’s awesome". As much as I try to explain it to other people, they don't quite understand what its like to be a part of something. The unity we have formed, the bond we all have to one another. Many of us have family that aren't close by, the club has taken up that void. The best way I can explain it:  Imagine meeting someone new and within ten minutes of talking you feel like you have found a long lost brother/sister. That instant connection, something that has not always been there but you are so much alike that you feel like your life is forever better for knowing that person.  
We have a few guys and few girls in the club that have their own jeeps but mostly we have families. Husbands and wives with kids that need a way to spend some time with each other. When everything in the world is so crazy and busy it's so nice to get away.  To enjoy a ride through the country, enjoy the quiet time, take in the scenery, and sometimes hit some more challenging trails.
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IMG 2179The club was started a few years ago by a few guys that just wanted to be able to spend some time with others with similar interests.  I think that they have accomplished that beyond there dreams. Over the years the club has grown and continues to draw in people from all walks of life. Through good and challenging times we have as a club learned to grow from the many experiences presented to us.  Even though we are from different places and hold different lives, we all come together to grow and better the club, to make it into the amazing family we have today.
We are a jeep club but we don't limit access to only jeeps.  We invite anyone that has a love for 4wheeling to join us on our trips and journeys to wherever the trails may lead us. This does not limit people that have been doing this for 10 minutes, 10 days, or 10years. We welcome everyone, we want everyone to feel comfortable at all our rides and events. 
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We encourage everyone to be themselves and have fun; but, have a no tolerance policy for bullying, intimidation, show boating of any sort during club functions. Does this mean that we don’t allow people to kid around and have fun absolutely not, we just hope that everyone understands to respect themselves and others. 
Our club spans from the Florida Panhandle all the way to SE Texas.  This may seem a little intimidating at first; but, rest assured we are still a tightknit family of jeepers.  So with all of this being said we invite you to be a part of something amazing and welcome you to Gulf Coast Jeep Club