Hello and welcome to our new home!

As we continue to expand and grow, we are always looking for new ways to communicate with our members and provide a better platform for everyone to share and learn about Jeeps and off-roading in general. To that end, we have updated our site with a new look and framework so that we can add new functionality such as a media gallery, event calendar, and a store to allow members to purchase t-shirts, stickers and more. Our plans are always changing and evolving with the needs of our members and the community as a whole, and the website is under constant construction, so please be patient as we continue to work on polishing what we have, and adding what you want to see.

As always, we are open to feedback and would love to hear what you want, and don't want, to see on the website. You can sign up and contribute to our forums for free here, so why not head on over and check it out?

So if you're new here, we hope you enjoy our new home and come back to visit us soon. And for all you GCJC members, welcome home!