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Read all about us here!

Postby CrazyDuck » Thu Feb 04, 2016 10:36 am

Did you walk out to your jeep and find a GCJC card?
Or did someone in a jeep stop you in traffic? Maybe you noticed one of our club decals on a jeep while cruising around in yours? If so that's awesome! We are glad to you made it by!

Just to tell you a little about the club.

We are a family-oriented club designed for those who enjoy jeeps, Offroad adventures, and social activities in a safe casual environment. Whether your jeep is stock or crawler, we have something for you. In addition to our trail rides the club holds many monthly meet & greets. We participate annually in many events including national Go Topless day in May . All our outings are geared for our families and children. We are not just a club we are Family.

We hope you'll join us for some great jeep adventures, check out the prospective member information and then register with us here on the forum!

On behalf of the Gulf Coast Jeep Club we welcome you.

Membership Information

Our club was established and added it's first members in March of 2012. Membership status with Gulf Coast Jeep Club is a process that begins with you. We are a family-oriented club designed for those who enjoy Jeeps, offroad adventures, and social activities in a safe, casual environment. Whether your Jeep is stock or crawler, we have something for you. In addition to our trail rides, the club holds many monthly events. We participate annually in national Go Topless day in May and our own Anniversary ride is held every March.

All our outings are geared for our families and children. We are not just a club, we are friends getting together to have a good time.

For current or prospective members:

Official Club Member: Be the owner of a Jeep vehicle.

Sponsored Member: Be the owner of a four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicle. Sponsored members are afforded all club rights and privileges as core members, however may not hold club office.

Honorary Member: A person or business that may not own a four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicle, but has been recognized as a supporter of GCJC. Honorary members must be voted in by a majority vote of staff. Honorary members do not have voting rights and may not hold a club office.

Membership status will automatically change based on eligibility above, should a official member no longer have a Jeep, but still have a 4WD vehicle.


Attend two (2) Official Club gatherings, one of which is mandatory to be a Official Meet & Greet. During this time, you get to know us and how we operate. After you express desire to join, the membership process continues though the application. Submitted applications will be voted on by current Official Club Members and your membership will be approved or denied based on the outcome of the vote. This is not to turn prospective members away, but rather to promote a sense of community within the club.

We welcome your comments and photos to our website, Facebook and Instagram pages so long as it pertains to Jeeps and other suitable topics. We like to promote a fun and friendly atmosphere so we closely monitor our website and social media pages. Any derogatory statements toward our club or one of its members will not be tolerated and will be deleted. In addition, any club member who perpetrates a derogatory action toward another member during the club socials or rides will be subject expulsion.

All members must conduct themselves in a respectable and orderly manner. Any member not doing so may be subject to dismissal. A formal complaint may be brought, in writing, to any board member to prompt a vote. At least two (2) club board members must meet with the accused in person along with the person(s) that submitted the request for dismissal to determine the validity of the claim, prior to the submission of the request to the club as a whole for a vote. Consideration for dismissal of a member must be addressed and voted on. A two-thirds vote of members is required before a member can be dismissed. If a club member is dismissed for any reason, they forfeit any monies or donations given to the club and they will not be eligible for membership again.

Members also agree to remove all/any club stickers, logos and decals from their vehicles in the event they and/or the vehicle are no longer in the club.

Resignation of any member should be in writing and submitted to a board member of the club.


1. Gulf Coast Jeep Club is governed by a seven member board elected by club members.
All board member positions will be held for a term of one year. Prospective board members must be a club member for a minimum of six months in order to be eligible for a position. Nominations will be held in March with voting in April. New board members will assume responsibility on the first day of May.

2. All board members must attend at least 50% of official events. In the event that an elected board member fails to meet his or her responsibilities, the members have the right to request a vote to remove the board member from his or her position.

3. There must be at least one board member present at all organized club events.

4. In the event that a board member vacates his/her position, for any reason, the remaining board members will appoint a new board member until a new member can be elected for the position. The members may choose to hold a special early election or wait until normal election time to fill the position.

*Board members may be removed from office for failure to perform his/her duties as outlined in above criteria by the majority vote of membership attending a special meeting called specifically for that purpose.


1. With the exception of the club name and the identity as a Jeep club, amendments may be made to the club rules as the members see fit,to accommodate growth and club activity.

2. Proposed changes must be submitted to the members of the club and the changes will be discussed and voted upon.

3. A two-thirds vote of the voting members is required to amend the rules of GCJC. Changes become effective immediately as approved by the members.


As a club we strive to abide by "Tread Lightly" and adhere to designated trails. As a member your individual actions reflect both positively and negatively to the club as a whole. Please be mindful and respect public land. There will be NO use of private property without written consent from property said owner(s). Littering will not be tolerated by any member or their passengers. Pack out what you pack in. Additionally, it is always appropriate to pick up litter that some other inconsiderate person left behind.

Each vehicle must have front and rear recovery points, no exceptions.

A spare tire within two inches of the diameter of the vehicle tires is recommend for any (out of town) trail ride.

Suggested Equipment for a trail ride is as follows:

1. Fire extinguisher
2. First Aid kit
3. Winch
4. Basic tool set
5. Recovery strap/tree saver

If you have any questions please direct them to one of our board members in a private message.

The Administration currently consists of the following individuals:

Staff/Web guru: Alan ( Kiloniner )

Board Members: Neil Baumann, Jonathon Lee, Chad Thomas, Steve Engel, Alex Muir, Ronnie Bozeman, John Shiver.

We appreciate your interest in our club, and hope you will choose to join us for some fun, friendly and exciting adventures!

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